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COVID-19 Update:

Our Beechland Coronavirus Task Force is meeting Saturday. May 30, to make final preparations for our restart of in-person worship services. Stay tuned for important announcements to be released after that meeting. Please be patient, prayerful, and faithful to the Lord. We want to do this right for God's glory and everyone's safety.

The Church Office is now open M-F 9-noon. Social distancing safety guidelines are being practiced. The FLC gym is still closed until further notice.

Our worship services will continue to be available online Sundays 11a and Wednesdays 630p at ... also watch the service on TV Sundays at 5p at WBNA channel 21-4 (185 Spectrum)!

The staff of Beechland hosts a LIVE Daily Devotion and Prayer Time M-F at 11a. Join us to share prayer requests and encouragement.

Please continue to give generously to the Lord's work at Beechland.

- Mail your check to 4613 Greenwood Drive, Louisville, KY 40258

- Or easily give online by using this link.


Let's be faithful during these difficult times to daily worship Jesus, to share the Good News about Him, and demonstrate His love for all people

Please pray for each other and check in with each other to bear one another's burdens and wash each others feet! We are excited about what the Lord is accomplishing: Revival and Awakening to our lives, our families, our city, state, country and world!

... they realized that this task had been accomplished by our God. -- Neh 6:16

Message from Pastor Chuck 3/13

Who's Your One?

1) Pick a person that doesn't go to church anywhere.

2) Commit to pray for them for 30 days.

3) Invite them to know JESUS.

Beechland now has a booth at PEDDLERS MALL on Outer Loop and New Cut Road!!! We need donations to put in our booth so contact Kathy Darby ( with your donations.

Then please shop at the Peddlers Mall booth #321. All proceeds go to our King's Chest to support facilites upkeep at BBC. Thanks!

visit Beechland @Peddler's Mall