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Beechland Behind the Walls Prison Outreach

Team members meet for night of training on Friday, Nov 15, then go to Louisville Prison the next day, Saturday, Nov 16,

for Special Rally and time of witnessing to inmates.

Friday 11/15, 5:30 PM -- Free Meal, 6:30 PM -- Training

Saturday,11/16, Outreach at Louisville Prison

for more info and to REGISTER:

Registration Deadline 10/27/2019 Watch the VIDEO

Who's Your One?

1) Pick a person that doesn't go to church anywhere.

2) Commit to pray for them for 30 days.

3) Invite them to know JESUS.

Beechland now has a booth at PEDDLERS MALL on Outer Loop and New Cut Road!!! We need donations to put in our booth so contact Kathy Darby ( with your donations.

Then please shop at the Peddlers Mall booth #321. All proceeds go to our King's Chest to support facilites upkeep at BBC. Thanks!

visit Beechland @Peddler's Mall