Historical Archive

Beechland Baptist Church keeps numerous historical church documents that are currently being transferred into files that can be displayed through the church website. Due to the fragile condition of many of these documents, the originals will be kept on Beechland’s premises and not allowed to be checked out or borrowed.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office 502-935-1313.

1861-1873 Minutes of Beechland – Part 1

1861-1873 Minutes of Beechland – Part 2

This is the oldest record of Beechland Baptist Church. This book is in very poor condition. Most of the first half was written in pencil and has greatly faded over time. This book begins with the original constitution of Beechland and written rules of decorum. The minutes of business meetings from 1861 – 1873 are included. There is a partial list of membership in the back of the book – some pages are missing and some have been damaged and torn.

The scan of this book is in 8 1/2 by 14 (legal) size paper. To view, you may have to rotate the image counterclockwise – simply choose view and then the option to “rotate image.”

A Survey of the History of Beechland Baptist Church 1860 – 1936

Written in the 1980’s, possibly ’85, ’86, or ’87.

A student paper by Danny G. Lane.

The first page is a letter from Mr. Lane to Beechland concerning his study of the church and its history from 1860 – 1936.

1955-1956 Survey Paper – Part 1

1955-1956 Survey Paper – Part 2

This work was prepared for a Religious Education course. The work was compiled by: Herbert Finch (Chairman), Robert E. Gaultry, Howard N. Anderson, Bryant Ledgewood, Henry E. White, Jr., and Charles J. Nielson.

1957 Survey Report of Beechland Baptist Church

This survey was completed in November of 1957.

A committee of Beechland members conducted this survey.

1960 Centenial Publication

This publication was created for Beechland Baptist Church’s 100th Celebration. It contains an overview of the history of Beechland 1860 – 1960.

1964 Survey Paper of Beechland Baptist Church

This survey paper was submitted to Allen W. Graves, Th.D. on December 18, 1964.

The survey was submitted by: Victor Peetom, Tom Gatewood, Jr., Glen Armstrong, George Scantlan, Larry Gardner and Joe Simpson.

Notes of consideration:

1. Pages 60 and 61 are missing from this document.

2. Jesse A. Hatfield, Jr. was the pastor of Beechland Baptist Church at this time and made notes in the margins of this paper. Most of his notes are in the section concerning the pastor, staff, and administrative functions.