Beechland Deacons

These are your servants of the Church. You may call upon your assigned Deacon for the Sunday School and/or Small Group to which you belong, or if you are not a regular member of a class or group, there is still a Deacon assigned to our general membership and please feel free to call upon them for a prayer concern or ministry need.  The Deacons have been briefed that they will be notified by either the church office, Small Group/Sunday School director, or the individual class coordinator in the event of a need or ministry issue. Please call or text the number as shown. In the event neither Primary or Alternate can be contacted, notify the Deacon Chairman - Lead Deacon.

Deacon Chairman - Lead Deacon
Joe Goodin  502-931-0513  (jgoodin24@twc. com) 

Homebound Membership


Ed Maloney (P)                               Virgil Hall (P)                                 Joe Goodin (A)

(502) 657-9262                                (502) 445-5353                               (502) 931-0513         


At-Large General Membership


Bo Thurman (P)                             Billy Moran (P)                              Joe Goodin (A)

(502) 471-1799                                (219) 616-0777                              (502) 931-0513     

Disciplers – Precepts – Sojourners


Will Walsh (A)                           Jim Reynolds (A)

(502) 432-4238                          (502) 548-6193


Seekers – Messenger – Journey


Jim Austin (P)                         Will Walsh (A)

(502) 751-6821                         (502) 432-4238     


Anglers – Martha – Ruth


Virgil Hall (P)                         Billy Moran (A)

(502) 445-5353                      (219) 616-0777


Youth – Young Adult/College – New Co-ed Adult


Chuck Muller (P)                    Ed Maloney (A)                       Jim Reynolds (A)

(502) 751-0821                        (502) 657-9262                        (502) 548-6193   


Children’s – Nursery Department


Joe Goodin (P)                        Jim Austin (A)

(502) 931-0513                         (502) 751-6821